It’s all about the Physiques Gym difference

Physique Gym believes that each student makes an investment in their future when they choose to begin a fitness program. You will receive maximum results for your investment, including fitness, overall health, and nutrition. These valuable elements are paramount to our success in life, regardless of your path.


We’ll guide you to creating the perfect plan to create the body of your dreams.

Woman lifting on weights/dumbbells

Our services include

 •  Fitness training

 •  Group training

 •  Body sculpting

 •  Sport specific conditioning

 •  Functional fitness

 •  Nutritional counseling

Karen Fritz •  Competitive bodybuilding training

        – Training

        – Meal plan and nutritional guidance

        – Posing and stage prep

        – Routine choreography

 •  More services

The mission of Physiques Gym

To be supportive on every front for those individuals that chose Physiques Gym as the vessel to carry, push, inspire, & motivate them to achieve his/her personal fitness goals.

No matter how unattainable you may believe them to be. Your goals become our mission & failure isn’t an option.

“Without a doubt the very best trainer in the business!!”

– Paul P.


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