Craig Tinnelle

Trainer Craig Tinnelle is a United States Marine Corps veteran, with 4 years of active service and an additional 4 years of inactive reserve. For over 20 years, Craig has served over 4,000 individuals to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Through nutrition and extensive training, Craig has been able to transform couch-dwellers to the next level of fitness and beyond. Helping them to surpass their wildest expectations, he can improve both physical and mental fitness with his programs.

“Must do, if your’re looking for change.”

– David R.

The alter-ego, Tinn-Mann

Tinn-Mann is an alter-ego that presents itself on the training floor. This character moves his students reach their goals and even surpass them.

When a student believes that they’ve reached the limit, the Tinn-Mann motivates them onward toward the true limit that only the mind knows.



Cara Barnes

Cara is a highly motivated individual with an extensive background in team sports.   From basketball to track and field to softball as an adult, Cara is team player while balancing the rare ability to be a true leader in her field.  

Cara joined the PG family in 2008 as a client when she embarked on her own journey of fitness and overall well-being. However, at the end of 2012, Cara made the decision to take her fitness journey to the next level and began to train for her first NPC Competition in the Women’s Physique Division. Through the careful training and true support of her PG family, Cara fulfilled a dream and competed in November 2013. During this journey, she not only changed her physical appearance but gained new insight and found new direction in her life.


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