Comprehensive services to serve your fitness goals

Start your fitness journey with a complete fitness evaluation. For $50, this service includes:

– Body composition analysis & measurements

– Nutritional assessment

– Health history review

– Muscular/Cardiovascular/Flexibility assessments

– Define goals and set a time line to help individuals achieve their goal(s)

Group Fitness Classes

Physiques Gym Group Fitness classes are unlike any other form of group fitness; this is not your run of the mill boot camp. Physiques Gym has a unique brand of fitness and a one of a kind training style. Our brand embodies many if not all genres of fitness to include a military mindset/tone:

– Resistance education & conditioning (weight training)

– Plyometrics/Calthestenics

– High intensity circuit training

– Cardio conditioning

– Abs/core conditioning & sculpting


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Private Fitness Instruction

Private fitness sessions are one on one training sessions and are designed to with the specific individual’s goals in mind.

Athletic conditioning:

– Strength training

– Speed & Agility

– Core & stabilization conditioning

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“Where ever he goes and whatever [Craig] touches, this man makes it better, bigger, stronger, and faster.” 

– Bruce R.


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TMX-Tinn-Mann Extreme

Housed within Physiques Gym, Tinn-Mann Extreme, aka TMX, an elite group of hard core, no frills needed, push your body to the limits, bodybuilders, athletes and military personnel.

Each TMX member has either previously competed in a bodybuilding competition or aspires to do so. To get the full benefit of membership, we suggest you sign up 3 months or more out from your intended competition and a 3 month minimum commitment is required.

Membership includes:

– Training geared specifically to your division

– Train side by side like-minded individuals    

– Meal plan and nutritional guidance

– Posing coaching and stage preparation

– Routine choreography 

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Customized Meal Plan

Customized meal plans are created very specific to you and your fitness goals. Each meal plan includes a beginning consultation with a body composition assessment. The meal plan is designed for 6 weeks and includes one additional consultation.

Categorized Meal Plan

A categorized meal plan is 14 day meal plan constructed based on your body type. This is a great way to start cleaning up your diet and learning which foods are best for your body type.