We offer a variety of classes to suit your fitness level

Physiques Gym is a fitness institution that has formatted a unique program to offer personal training in a group setting. This type of program does not currently exist within the corporate fitness arena making us extremly unique and highly successful.

Unlike any other fitness facility, we offer a classroom structure and aspect to our students. We believe the students need to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ so that as they progress within the institute, the level of knowledge and understanding will be compounded.



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Get more from your fitness program

We offer all levels of students to join, from your basic and introductory phase where the education is entry level all the way to the extremist and true athlete who desires the renowned skills and proven competence of the Tinn-Mann.

Get results with functional fitness and weight training

Functional fitness is a key aspect to our training programs and the foundation for our philosophies and techniques. Functional fitness is the type of exercise that is designed to condition the body to work as a synergistic unit which in turn conditions a body as well as the mind to handle real world situations.